Promote FCS Day!

"Dining In" Promo Tools

Here are several downloadable tools to help you promote Dine in Day 2020.   You can pick and choose which marketing tools work best for you in your practice setting.

  • General Logo
    The official Dine in Day logo can support your communications efforts in a variety of ways.  You can add the logo to your e-signature line, newsletters, letters, webpages, invitations to events and more!
  • Social Media
    We have provided sample social media messages that you can use now to promote Dine in Day!  Be creative and customize the message for your audience.
  • Stickers
    This year, AAFCS won’t be mailing stickers to you but we have created templates for you to print your own using Avery labelsBlack-and-white template or Color template
    • FCS Key Message Card
      The message card provides you with key messages for public awareness and outreach on the FCS message card including a definition, value statement, content areas and practice settings.  This information primes you to tell the FCS story in a clear and concise way.
    • FCS FAQ’s
      Our Frequently Asked Questions page summarizes the meaning and the details behind FCS Day! #FCSday