"Dining In" for Extension

In addition to the general suggestions on how to participate in Family & Consumer Sciences Day, there are many more specific ways that family and consumer sciences Extension professionals can promote this special event! 

  1. Work with a local grocery store to demonstrate healthy meal preparation and pass out recipes. Encourage families to “Dine In” on December 3rd and provide stickers to those who commit.
  2. Present a community workshop on “Dining In,” which may include planning and budgeting for family meals, healthy food preparation, and ways to make mealtime a positive experience for families. Encourage attendees to “Dine In” on December 3rd and provide stickers to those who commit.
  3. Send an email to families you have worked with and invite them to “Dine In” on December 3rd.  Provide a link to www.aafcs.org/FCSday.
  4. Hang a “Dining In” poster in your office and print flyers for clients to take.
  5. Post family meal-related resources, facts, and benefits on your social media sites.
  6. Promote "Dining In" at a local farmer's market. Ask people to commit to "Dining In" and provide stickers and healthy recipes that use seasonal vegetables.
  7. Create and sell "family meal packs" through 4-H programs. Decide on a simple, healthy meal that youth can prepare with supervision and families can order in advance. Set up a pick time. Families pick up meals and warm and serve the meal at home with their family. Provide conversation starters or games.

Please feel free to be creative and come up with ideas that work for best for your office or community.  If you’d like to share your ideas with us, email nbock@aafcs.org.