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3 Proven Ways to Improve Your Academic Essays

Essays are a large part of your academic studies, and it does good for the students to write my essay and improve in his/her essay writing. The academic essays allow the students to improve not only their formal academic writing but also their thinking and analytical skills. The essay research in advanced classes and at the college level prepares them for essential academic research.

Many writers often use the help of a write essay for me to improve their academic writing. It is, however, more fruitful if they take help from various online resources and peers, allowing yourself to learn through experimentation and mistakes. 

If you have an essay looming ahead and you don’t have time to dive deep into various essays improving methods and techniques, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, you should improve in your essay by heeding the simple tips mentioned in this post.

Brainstorm ahead of research

You will notice in your essay process that you cannot come up with any ideas of your own and usually come up with reworked ideas already prevalent in the subject research. This usually happens when you do your research and gather information about the subject at hand, prior to extensive brainstorming. Through this method, you might be able to map out the ideas and information connected to the essay subject, but you will deprive the essay of your own input.

This can cause you trouble in essays that test your critical and analytical skills, and judge your essay through the novel ideas, analysis, and evaluations that you have produced in the essay. 

Many students research the subject first when they don’t have any clue about the contents of the subject. For such cases, instead of diving into academic research, the writers should consult an encyclopedia entry for the subject matter. These entries provide extensive background information on the topic and introduce its salient features, allowing the reader enough context to encourage them to brainstorm on their own.

Introduce paragraphs according to the essay flow

Instead of sticking to the 5-essay paragraph, you should include as many paragraphs as you think your essay information should be divided into. Each paragraph, however, should earn its place in the essay either assisting a paragraph or holding an idea on its own. 

The limits on the body paragraphs do more harm than good in the advanced academic grades, as it doesn’t allow the writer to explore the subject more thoroughly. The writer usually ends up covering the salient points and missing out on other unique points. 

As long as you take care of the flow in your writing, your essay will be able to write my essay for me and hold the additional paragraphs that you introduce to the structure. An example of such a paragraph is one that follows right after the introduction further elucidating the background information about the subject area.

Improve the grammar and the formal tone

Check your essay during the editing part for various grammatical and punctuation mistakes that you make in your writing. Some of the most common mistakes that go unnoticed and which you should take care of:

  • Excessive nominalization: circle the nouns in your essay and change back the action verbs have been turned into subjects or objects.
  • Weak action verbs: Avoid ‘to-be’ verbs and use strong action words without the need for adverbs.
  • Passive voice: Try to bring the subject to the front of the sentence and add the subject to the sentences that are missing the subject; moreover, change the ‘to-be’ and ‘have’ verbs to strong action words. 
  • Subjective tone: The subjective tone includes partial opinions and arguments. Try to avoid this and be objective by avoiding the first-person voice and taking on the opposing views.
  • Filler words and phrases: When you can say the same with fewer words, you should use the lesser words to communicate the message. Try to avoid the use of adjectives, adverbs, and empty phrases such as cliches. 

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