2022 Teacher of the Year Program

The National Teacher of the Year Award was established in 1974 to recognize exemplary teachers who utilize cutting-edge methods, techniques and activities to provide stimulus and visibility to family and consumer sciences in elementary and secondary education.
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2022 Teacher of the Year Finalist

2021 AAFCS Teacher of the Year

Lori Henry: 2021 National Teacher of the Year

Lori Henry, a 13-year AAFCS member, has been the family and consumer sciences teacher at Spring Lake Park High School in this Minneapolis suburb for 28 years, where the main focus of the curriculum is culinary arts and early childhood development. She was nominated for her program, "Making Connections through Leadership and Diversity."

Says Lori, "My curriculum focus in the past five years has been adapted and developed as I saw an increasing need for creating different diverse and community experiences and opportunities for all students. Differentiation is imperative to a successful classroom with students that are culturally diverse, special needs and/or economically
disadvantaged. As a suburb of Minneapolis, our school is continuing to evolve into a school with changing demographics. With this in mind, I began to think of ways that I could be creative in teaching life skills, while at the same time providing in and out of classroom experiences, that are unique and are representative to the school and

Her program successfully incorporates National FCS Standards, and her students Lori is an FCCLA Adviser, and, among other accolades for that work, was named to the National FCCLA 75th Anniversary Leadership Hall of Fame in 2020.

"If we are going to change the world, we need educators who empower students to engage in community building activities and remain engaged in civic matters as adults. This is what Lori Henry truly fosters with her students at Spring Lake Park High School." ~ Principal Matthew Boucher, Spring Lake Park High School