Growth Mindset

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Resources for this professional development module include the following:
  • Resource document provided by presenters
  • Web Links related to topic
  • Lesson Plan related to topic
  • Global Interdependence in Action
  • Recommended Readings and AAFCS PDU Certificate

About the Module

Participants will examine the differences between fixed and growth mindsets and their impacts. Participants will complete a brief quiz to gain an understanding of their own mindset. The presenters will engage the participants in a discussion about cognitive reframing and facilitate an exercise to help participants learn to reframe fixed mindset statements. The presentation will be followed by thought provoking discussion questions in order to encourage participants to explore application of growth mindset in their programming and personal lives.

Presenter will 

  1. Utilize a mindset quiz to determine personal mindset,
  2. Examine the differences between growth and fixed mindsets,
  3. Recognize the impact mindset has on today’s FCS educators and those with whom they interact, and
  4. Discuss strategies  to reframe fixed mindset statements

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Correlations to Standards

The resources provided for this VPD Module correlate with the:  

FCS Body of Knowledge
  • Individual Well-Being
  • Life Course Development
  • Wellness
  • Resource Development and Sustainability
Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards 3.0
  • Career, Community & Family Connections
  • Education & Early Childhood
  • Human Development
  • Parenting
National Standards for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Career, Community & Family Connections
  • Family and Human Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Strategies and Resources

Meet the Presenter

Christina Pay

Andrea Schmutz

Christina Pay is an Extension Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development for Utah State University. Her areas of focus include strengthening family relationships and supporting positive youth development. She earned her Master’s Degree in Health Education from Western Governors University. She is an advocate for youth and currently serves on the board of the Utah Association for Early Childhood Education. She is happily married to Steve and they have six children and 12 grandchildren. She enjoys reading, camping, spending time with her family, and exploring new adventures with Steve

Andrea Schmutz is an Assistant Professor for Utah State University Extension in Washington County with assignments in Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development. She earned a Master’s Degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership from Brigham Young University and is passionate about the benefits of outdoor recreation. Andrea strives to utilize innovative programming in her work with youth and families of Washington County to teach sustainability, youth development, and healthy living skills.