Webinar: Mindfulness Mapping: Cultivating Calm Creativity in the Classroom

Dr. Kelly Schoonaert, Associate Professor - Health Promotion and Human Development
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Dr. Susan Turgeson, CFCS, Assistant Professor - Family and Consumer sciences Education
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

About the Session

What is "Intrinsic Thinking" and how can teachers harness it in themselves and in students to create people who are present and engaged in what they are doing, rather than afraid, apprehensive, or bored?   Mindfulness is a valuable and transferable skill set.  Learn techniques for you and your students to go beyond what is merely apparent, manage internal dialogue to create space, find clarity, and approach issues with a fresh curiosity, allowing you to solve problems and create intrinsic connections in new ways.


About the Presenter(s)

Dr. Kelly Schoonaert is an Associate Professor of Health Promotion and Wellness at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.  Kelly teaches undergraduate courses focused on healthy Americans, foundations of health promotion and wellness, and motivational interviewing and coaching.  Kelly received her Bachelor of Arts from Otterbein University, Master of Arts from Eastern Kentucky University, and Doctorate in Education from Ball State University.  Additionally, she is a Certified Intrinsic Coach. 

Dr. Susan Turgeson, CFCS 
is an Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.  Susan teaches undergraduate and graduate courses focused on career and technical education, adult education, and guidance of children and adolescents.  Additionally, she oversees the Family and Consumer Sciences Practicum.  Susan received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from UW-Stout and her Doctorate in Education from Edgewood College.  In 2009, Susan was named the AAFCS Teacher of the Year. She currently serves as the President for the National Association of Teacher Educators for Family and Consumer Sciences (NATEFACS).   


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