Professional Development Proposal

Thank you for your interest in being a presenter for our VPD program.   AAFCS is committed to offering top quality professional development opportunities to those within the FCS Industry.  This includes individuals both inside and outside the classroom.  Our goal is to market our webinars to both AAFCS members and non-members and to be seen as the go-to resource for FCS Professional Development.

We rely on individuals such as yourself to bring forward their expertise and experience.  While content is one piece of the puzzle, the other component for a successful webinar is delivery style.  Presenting to an online audience is a very different experience from presenting in person.  Our planning and production process (detailed on page 3) is required for every presenter.  We have found these steps to be instrumental in producing a successful webinar and appreciate your understanding of the time that is involved in being a part of this process.

If your topic is selected for webinar production, please be aware of the following:
• All proposals are reviewed before being accepted.  
• The typical length of our webinars is 50 minutes of content plus 10 minutes for Q&A
• All webinars are recorded.  These recordings are available on our website for up to five years after the live event.
• To submit a proposal, please fill out the information below.
• If accepted, the presentation must be submitted as a PowerPoint and may not exceed 25,000 kb. 
• Video’s and internet links may NOT be included in PowerPoint. Internet links can be set up outside the PowerPoint presentation as a resource.

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