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Affiliate Resources

The mission of the AAFCS is to provide leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families, and communities in making informed decisions about their well being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life. AAFCS-affiliated organizations are each their own legal entity, and serve members defined by geographic boundaries. 

Info and Dates to Know! 
Be sure to check the AAFCS Calendar of Events frequently for other AAFCS deadlines.

  • Affiliate End of Year Report due. This Accomplishments Report is detailed in the AAFCS Policies. It is a summary of the year’s achievements and should include brief descriptions of activities/events, number of people involved, and impacts. This is also when affiliates can plan to submit their new leaders to AAFCS and any updates to the Affiliate Directory
  • Affiliates are invited to share those who have passed within the past year with AAFCS.
  • Leadership Council Events:  Affiliates each have two representatives on the Leadership Council; typically the Council meets in conjunction with the Annual Conference and/or the Leadership Workshop. Leadership Council events and deadlines will be communicated to affiliate leaders by the AAFCS board

Members-Only Essential Resources (sign-in required)

Promotional Materials (i.e. Flyers, Signage, Templates) for Affiliate Use

AAFCS encourages members join online for accuracy and efficiency and to save resources, but supplies affiliates with printed applications for in-person events upon request. A printable application is below, all other resources are available in the Affiliate Leadership Forum.

AAFCS Microsite 

Microsites are websites that affiliates can utilize that are housed under the AAFCS website. Affiliates have
editing abilities and websites include valuable information from the AAFCS website. If an affiliate is interested
in opening a microsite a current Affiliate leader must complete this form.

To Do List

Recommendations for Affiliate Implementation

Need a template for reinvigorating affiliate involvement? 

Engage: Create a dynamic affiliate Leadership Team. Try to incorporate members from various membership categories and practice settings.

Prepare: Have all members of the Leadership Team review the AAFCS website and read association communications, like the JFCS and member newsletters for news and events to share with your members.

Discuss: Convene meetings of the Leadership Team on a periodic basis to make sure everyone is comfortable in their role and progress.

Promote: Promote statewide completion of an Affiliate action plan. Share your action plan with your membership! Make it an affiliate-wide plan, and each member can feel good about the results.

Expand: Plan and conduct a forum at an upcoming state affiliate conference with professionals you would like to see become members/advocates of AAFCS and FCS in your state.

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