Research Posters

Research Poster Presentations

The Research Poster Session is sponsored by the Community of Colleges, Universities, and Research (CUR), the Assembly of Higher Education, and the Council for Accreditation.  During the 2023 Annual Conference, registered attendees can view the Research Posters during scheduled time slots in the Hub on June 24-26, 2023.  Corresponding authors/presenters will be available at their posters from 1:00 - 3:00 PM on Monday, June 26 to share research highlights and answer questions.

Research is presented in the following categories:

Coordinating Council of Honor Societies (CCHS) Research Scholarship Poster Presentation

The Coordinating Council of Honor Societies, including Phi Upsilon Omicron (PhiU) and Kappa Omicron Nu (KON), sponsor the Research Scholarship.

Poster/Research Title:  "Racial differences in the associations between social network support and frequent mental distress among sexual and gender diverse cancer survivors: Findings from the 2020 OUT National Cancer Survey"

Presenter:  John Fuller, Summer Graduate Research Associate, Department of Epidemiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The University of Texas

Community of Colleges, Universities and Research (CUR) Poster Presentations

Poster# Title Presenter 

CUR Poster 1

Human Ecosystems Theory: Exploring Latino Fathers and Their Families in Northern Iowa During the Pandemic

Ruben Viramontez Anguiano
Mari Ortega
University of Colorado Denver
CUR POSTER 2 Self-Efficacy of Individuals in Adult Skills and the Need for an Adulting Course in Educational Entities: A Mixed Methods Design (Graduate Research)

Gencie Houy
Texas Tech University
CUR POSTER 3 Experiencing Silk: A Hands-On Learning Activity in Textiles
Lisa Lacy
Delta State University
CUR POSTER 4 Undergraduate Research in FCS: Transformational Education in Advanced Technologies
Yuli Liang
Texas State University
CUR POSTER 5 Children’s Memories for Eyewitness Events can be Influenced by Biological and Social Factors
Tonya Vandenbrink
Louisiana Tech University
CUR POSTER 6 Jobs to Be Done: Rural Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Experiences Nicole Wanago
Montana State University
CUR POSTER 7 Access to Food Resources: Barriers Faced by Texans Jennifer Page
Methodist Hospital Hill Country

CUR POSTER 8 We Asked and You Answered: Results of Establishing the Need for a Redefinition of Creative Scholarship
Virginia Rolling
Georgia Southern University
CUR POSTER 9 Exploring Permanent Income Hypothesis: Income, Consumer spending, and Saving Relationship of limited-income families.
Michael Elonge
University of Maryland
CUR POSTER 10 Team Impact on Apparel Design Mary Simpson
Western Michigan University

CUR POSTER 11 Incorporating Sustainability into Utah High School's Textile and Apparel Curriculum
Michelle Clouse
Eastern Kentucky University
CUR POSTER 12 Aging in Place: Home Environmental Barriers in Bathrooms of Older Homeowners in North Carolina
Sung-Jin Lee
North Carolina A & T State University
CUR POSTER 13 Caregivers in need of support and respite
Julie Caissie
Université de Moncton

CUR POSTER 14 An Unlikely Partnership: Sara Lee Tuck & Admiral Mark L. Bristol
Ann Vail 
University of Kentucky
CUR POSTER 15 Arkansas’ Act 480, Parental Education, and Financial Literacy among College Students
Kathryn Carroll
University of Central Arkansas
CUR POSTER 16 Family Wealth, Family Financial Stress, Personal Financial Stress, and Overall Stress related to Latino University Students’ Life Quality
Andranik Yelanyan
California State University Northridge
CUR POSTER 17 Fashion Consumer Engagement through Metaverse: Luxury brands Vs Fast Fashion brands

Shubha Bennur
Thomas Jefferson University
CUR POSTER 18 Fostering Connections for Online Students
Barbara Stewart
University of Houston

CUR POSTER 19 Pilot Results from a Novel Food Waste Reduction/ Healthy Meals Curriculum , 'Freeze IT!'
Carrie Elsen
University of Missouri

CUR POSTER 20 Genuine Natural Colors: Adapting and Re-designing Sustainable Textile MeeAe Oh-Ranck
Albright College

Community of Colleges, Universities and Research (CUR) Oral Research Presentations - Monday, June 26 (8 - 9 AM)

Presentation# Title Presenter 

CUR Oral 1

DesignYOU! Code Camps:  Increasing STEM Interests Barbara Stewart
 University of Houston

CUR Oral 2 Creating a Lecture Series on Black Families:  The Value of Cultural Competence in an HBCU Family and Consumer Sciences Program Jada Brooks

Virginia State University

CUR Oral 3 You Got This, Sis! Using Instagram to Increase Physical Activity and Belonging Among Black and Latina College Women Olivia Johnson
University of Houston

Assembly of Higher Education Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

The undergraduate student posters are coordinated by the Assembly of Higher Education.  The research and/or course project  should focus on:  Advocacy & collaboration, leadership & association engagement, educational tools & resources, research & scholarship, and trends & innovations in the content areas of: Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism; Education and Training; Food Science and Nutrition; Health Management and Wellness; Housing and Interior Design; Human/Child Development and Family Relations; Personal and Family Finance; and Textiles, Apparel, and Retailing.

Poster# Research Title University

AHE Poster 1

Beauty with an Asterisk: Examining the Success and Failures of the Plus-sized Fashion Industry

Student:  Georgia Warrick
Faculty:  Dr. Mary Simpson

Western Michigan  University
AHE Poster 2 PPE and Me:  Useability of Masks with African American Hairstyles and Head Coverings

Student:  Maryum Shadeed
Faculty:  Cassandra Dickerson

Morgan State University
AHE Poster 3 The Impact of Childhood Trauma on the Quality of Interpersonal Relationships in Emerging Adults

Student(s): Emerald Johnson; Emily MacDonald; Christian Pryor; Savannah Rust; Katherine West  

Faculty:  Dr. Pamela Rollins

Louisiana Tech University
AHE Poster 4 The Unanswered Question of COVID-19 in the African American Communities

Student:  Rachel Mikel Will
Faculty:  Dr. Karleah Harris; Dr. Jane Opiri

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
AHE Poster 5 African American Quilt Codes to the Underground Railrod:  #FACTS or Nah?

Student:  Monika Pitts
Faculty:  Dr. Samii Kennedy-Benson

Southern University and A & M College
AHE Poster 6 Voodoo Material and Non-Material Culture:  Authentic or Appropriated

Student:  Darlynn Marks
Faculty:  Dr. Samii Kennedy-Benson

Southern University and A & M College
AHE Poster 7 An Exploratory Study of Universal Design in the Fashion Industry

Student:  Kiley Lewis
Faculty:  Dr. Tammy Robinson
Radford University

Collegiate Assembly Faculty-Student Poster Presentations

Poster# Research Title

CA Poster 1

Visual Essay Project:  Understanding the Body of Knowledge in the Context of my FACS Major

Faculty Member:  Sheri Worthey
Student(s):  Elizabeth Greenberg; Willy Neaime; Taylor White; Sierra Wilkerson
Institution: University of Georgia

CA Poster 2

Global Interdependence via Involvement with the National Retail Federation

Faculty Members: Blake Mudd, Barbara Stewart
Student: Amanda Deleon
Institution: University of Houston

CA Poster 3

A Capacity Building Experience for Distance Students

Faculty:  Blake Mudd, Susan Schroeder, Barbara Stewart
Student: Lauryn Locksey
Institution: University of Houston

CA Poster 4 Evaluating Reactions of Attractiveness by Males to the Word Orange in a Description of a Female

Faculty Member: Najma Jamaludeen
Student(s):  FACS 111, Fundamentals of Color Spring 2023
Institution: Morgan State University

CA Poster 5 Leisure Experiences of Older Adults in Long-Term Care Facilities:  Connecting Curriculum, Theory and Research to Service Learning and the FCS Body of Knowledge

Faculty Members: Amy Yates
Students:  Bethany Joiner
Institution:  Louisiana Tech University