AAFCS Honors Dr. Jacqueline Holland, CFCS-HDFS as 2020 DSA Honoree

By Sandra Andrade posted 08-26-2020 02:47 PM


Alexandria, Va. – August 26, 2020 –
The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) honored their 2020 Distinguished Service Award Honorees during the AAFCS Virtual Conference in an online recognition event, Salute to the Stars - Toast of Blue!, held on June 25th with AAFCS staff and conference participants. AAFCS’ Annual Conference was transformed from an in-person conference into a 2-day conference via Zoom this year, which allowed many new attendees from all over the world to participate.

Among those selected for the associations’ most prestigious award was Jacqueline Holland, Ed.D., CFCS-HDFS, AAFCS Past President and currently a tenured Associate Professor and Interim Department Director in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Morgan State University in Maryland. Dr. Holland, CFCS-HDFS, a committed AAFCS member who has contributed significantly to the progression and sustainment of the field of family and consumer sciences.  

“Dr. Holland's career in the Family and Consumer Sciences profession has shown that
she is a creative, conscientious, motivating and adventurous leader.”
- Julia R. Miller, Ph.D., Professor and Dean Emeritus at Michigan State University

She has actively served on several committees in a leadership capacity for AAFCS and the profession including Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Nominating Committee Chair, Annual Conference Planning Committee, and the Membership Committee, and is involved internationally in the International Federation of Home Economics.

Dr. Holland has exemplified throughout her FCS career noteworthy contributions and achievements to build social, economic and human capital for individuals, families, and communities. With more than 30 years in the profession, she has provided leadership in the development of a mentoring program for new teachers, created opportunities to market FCS programs and the accomplishments of teachers, and facilitated the professional development of students and teachers. As an educator, research and service/outreach scholar, her leadership, followership and mentorship skills form the foundation for a pathway that our next generation of professionals can follow, to make a difference in the profession and societies globally. 

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