CT AAFCS Leadership

President: Karen Redanz
President–Elect: Kelly Zilly
Vice President: Lori Gilmore
Assistant to the Vice President:  Jerri Tarr
Counselor: Lori Peck
Treasurer: Gail Dwyer
Recording Secretary: Pam Geyer
Corresponding Secretary:  Karen Lutkus

Chairs / Committee Members
Membership:  Stephanie Fians
Student Scholarship:  Anne Cremé
Teacher of the Year & Professional of the Year:  Sue Murphy
IFHE:  Anita Ferron
Liaison from CT SDE:  Harold Mackin
Liaison from Quilt CT:  Pat Ruhanen
FCCLA: Belle Garafola
Extension: Faye Griffiths-Smith
Professional Development Coordinator:  Pam Martin
Public Policy:  Judy Hinman
Colleges, Universities & Research:  Becky Person
Historian:  Irene Q. Brown
Jewelry:  Lucille Baver
Newsletter Editor/Media/Communications:  Janice Uerz