About Communities

One of the exciting benefits of being an AAFCS member is the opportunity to easily network and collaborate with other related professionals and students! AAFCS is pleased to provide new online community technology that helps you make connections, get answers to professional questions, access and share resources, and collaborate on projects.

With the transition to the new community technology in November 2017, AAFCS is launching an Open Forum, which is available to all AAFCS members.  

To see what's happening in the Open Forum, click on My Communities! (If you're a member, log into MyAAFCS first). If you're an AAFCS member, you'll be able to view and engage in discussions, add and download resources from the library, and start building your network!

Beginning in 2018, AAFCS will be launching additional online community groups:

  • AAFCS Professional Communities - These are official AAFCS member groups organized to serve as a conduit of professional action, dialogue, and promotion of the mission (per AAFCS Bylaws).  Each member group has identified leadership and typically represents a family and consumer sciences practice setting, content area, or special topic of interest. 
  • AAFCS Networking Communities- These groups include members who have common interests, roles, or relationships and would benefit from connecting to others and building professional networks. 
  • AAFCS Governance Communities - These are AAFCS units, such as committees, councils, and assemblies who will be using the online communities for meetings and collaborative projects.
  • AAFCS Certification Communities - These are groups for professionals who hold professional certification through AAFCS.