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Themes and Deadlines

The Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences editorial team appreciates that fellow colleagues are engaged with
scholarship that does not fall within identified themes, yet their research interests are very germane to the profession, and to AAFCS members. At any time, you are invited to submit papers that reflect your current FCS research initiative and that fit within FCS and the Body of Knowledge. The Editor maintains the right to place the accepted paper in the most appropriate issue.

Vol. 110, Issue 3 Summer 2018
Manuscripts due: January 4, 2018
FCS as CTE for Career Preparation

FCS has long been recognized as a vital component of Career Technical Education (CTE) with programs in secondary schools, adult education, and community colleges. What innovative and collaborative programs have prepared students with career options, certifications, job skills, and competencies to support families and communities, goals for college degrees, successful entrepreneurs, and lifelong learning? Though college education has taken the forefront, the role of CTE has a crucial role in preparing youth and adults for high-demand occupations as childcare and various options for family support throughout the life span. These are the foundation for strong individuals, families, and communities. How does/can FCS actively participate in CTE efforts?

Vol. 110, Issue 4 Fall 2018
Manuscripts due: April 2, 2018
Caregiving Across the Life-Course

Aging in place, home healthcare, stay-at-home dads or moms, grandparents raising grandchildren, home schooling, and community supportive services each suggest the need for the competencies of FCS. Referred to as a "caring profession," FCS research, education, and advocacy each have independently and collaboratively played a central role in ensuring and empowering the caring efforts of individuals, families, and communities. Caring roles are often highly demanding, unfamiliar, and undervalued by society, requiring more coordinated research, education, and policy agendas as more and more individuals and families face the reality of caregiving. Along with this reality, society needs to strive for effective use of resources and well-being of all individuals and families. How can FCS engage in promoting and fostering effective caregiving across the life-course?

New JFCS Legacy Series

Contribute to the recording of the profession’s history

Do you know a living FCS professional who could be considered a legacy builder?
Are you interested in researching the legacy of someone and writing an article
for publication in the JFCS?

In the Winter 2013 (Vol. 105, 1) issue of the JFCS, the first installment of the JFCS Legacy
Series was published; it featured Elizabeth G. “Bess” Haley. It was well-received and the
editors would like to line-up several more installments of the series. Interested in
researching/interviewing/writing about the legacy builders or know someone who should be
profiled in a future issue? Please send an email to Managing Editor Debra Bass at