Below is a list of grants AAFCS is offering in 2018. Unless indicated otherwise in the guidelines linked below, the due date is January 8, 2018.  Please contact if you have any questions.

UPDATE: Because of a system outage from our vendor, the online form required for some submissions will be down on Friday, January 5th for about 12 hours. Thus, we are extending the deadline for all submissions until Tuesday, January 9th at 11:59 PM ET.

Centennial Scholars Research Grant

The Centennial Scholars Research Grant was created in honor of the Association’s 100th anniversary. The fund that supports this Grant was established in 2008, thanks to challenge grants given by AAFCS Past Presidents Peggy Meszaros and Sharon Nickols.

Stimulating new and needed research advances the application of family and consumer sciences concepts and the study of the profession itself. In order for members to carry out the mission of AAFCS, a scientific basis for practice is critical; thus, this grant was created to fund research which will be shared with AAFCS members and used to promote the AAFCS mission.

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Chalkley Fenn Public Policy Visiting Scholar Grant

The  2018 Chalkley‐Fenn Public Policy Initiative is designed to:
  • Stimulate interest in public policy as it affects the family and consumer sciences profession.
  • Educate scholars in various aspects of policymaking.
  • Promote interaction with members of Congress and leaders of various family and consumer sciences‐related organizations.
New! Updated Guidelines and Instructions

Excellence in Extension Grant

The Excellence in Extension Grant provides seed money for programs designed to enhance the well-being of families, to expand the Cooperative Extension program initiatives and support the work of AAFCS. Creative and innovative Cooperative Extension research, demonstration, or staff development proposals that address both the current and relevant issues in AAFCS or Extension are invited.

Proposals must address how the project contributes to increasing public knowledge of family and consumer sciences and its value to society and expanding the body of knowledge related to family and consumer sciences.

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