New FCS Public Awareness Campaign

Today’s world is challenging and complex. Americans today face unprecedented obstacles to success in the forms of chronic diseases, mounting financial troubles and issues at home.

While it may feel at times that our shared struggles as a society are insurmountable, we as Family and Consumer Science professionals know better. As the world looks for ways to rise to the unprecedented challenges we have faced in 2020 and tackle the obstacles already standing in the way of so many, we know that a simple solution already exists to foster across the board improvements of many of the issues facing society today: Family and Consumer Sciences.

As you stand at the front lines educating and preparing individuals to succeed we are enacting a robust public awareness campaign to educate on the importance of a strong foundation in FCS, the deep reward in a career in FCS and the great value we can play in providing the tools and know-how to help people live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. That is the mission of FCS and reason behind our #FCSsuccess Campaign.

As the best messengers to help us tell our story, we are arming you with a variety of tools and materials via the links below to help showcase the work you do. There are a number of stickers available to you in color and black and white that you can easily print using Avery labels (#22807).

There could not be a more important time to shed greater light on the value of what we do. With your support, we know we can truly realize the potential of #FCSsuccess.

Questions? Contact Nancy Bock at nbock@aafcs.org.

Requesting a PDU Certificate after viewing any of the #FCSsuccess campaign videos? Contact Sandra Andrade at sandrade@aafcs.org.