Testing Accommodations

Guidelines for Testing Accommodations

Candidates with special needs may receive formally prescribed testing accommodations provided that the accommodations fit the scope of the online exam and do not compromise assessment security. The accommodations must be documented through the test site through Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or other similar, valid documentation.  When the test site submits the Test Site Approval Agreement, the Test Site Administrator is signing and indicating that they will abide by any documented modifications/accommodations.  Thus, the test site administrator is taking responsibility for ensuring that those modifications are provided and do fit within the testing parameters.

A list of commonly used accommodations/modifications and their use on the AAFCS Pre-PAC assessments are outlined in the chart below.  

Accommodation/Modification   Acceptable
(Fits within
Scope of
(Does not fit
within scope
of exam)
Provision of additional or extended
testing time
  X Pre-PAC assessments are NOT timed; therefore, additional time requested is not a problem. Network security should be set to allow an "open" and inactive internet connection for the test duration. The assessment must be completed in one session.

Large Print   X No paper administration is available.  The online administration allows for the size of the print/font or screen size to be adjusted using the (1) assessment system text size options; (2) the computer’s display resolution properties; or (3) adjusting the font size in the web browser.
Use of a reader   X The reader would serve as the proctor and must meet all proctor requirements and follow proctor instructions.
Use of a non-programmable calculator   X The assessment navigator in the assessment platform includes access to the calculator tool which is permissible during testing.  No other calculators should be used. 
Assistive devices and/or software (i.e., text-to-speech, etc)   X These may be used as long as the technology is available at the test site and is compatible with the testing software platform. The testing
software does NOT have this capability or option.
Distraction-free testing location   X If available at the test site, a separate testing room, creating a distraction-free environment, may be used; however, a proctor must still be in the room. The exam can be administered individually
in a separate room as long as the proctor remains and supervises.
Preferential seating   X If the testing environment at the test site allows, candidates may be seated in the front of the room near the proctor or facing the proctor.
Administration over several testing sessions   X   Pre-PAC assessments must be completed in one sitting/session.
Reducing the number of items on the assessment   X   All Pre-PAC assessments have 80 items (70 scored, 10 non-scored).
2 or 3 choice responses on multiple-choice items   X   All Pre-PAC multiple-choice items have 4 choice responses.

English-Language Learners (ELL)

As long as the ELL accommodations/modifications are documented and approved at the school/district level, testing in another language is acceptable.  However, please note that AAFCS testing systems DO NOT translate the exam.  It is only provided online and in English.  Thus, a reader/translator would be needed (or if the computer has translation software that can be used).  The reader/translator must meet and follow the same guidelines as a proctor.  As long as the accommodation plan is on file and includes the documentation of the use of the dictionary (with word to word translation rather than definitions), candidates may reference it during the exam with the oversight of the proctor.

Test sites do not need to notify AAFCS of any modifications and accommodations. If questions arise, please contact AAFCS Pre-PAC:

 Email:  pre-pac@aafcs.org
 Phone:  703-636-7641 (Direct Line)
                  1-800-424-8080 (press 3 for Pre-PAC; press 0 for Operator)