To order Pre-PAC products, test sites must complete the Test Site Approval Agreement.  Once the test site has been approved by AAFCS the test site will receive a Test Site Code that is required to place an order.  PLEASE ALLOW UP TO THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS FOR ORDER PROCESSING.  

Payment by Credit Card

Payment methods include: 

American Express

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing of the credit card order and receipt of instructions to register test candidates.  

Payment by Purchase Order

Purchase orders should be made payable to: AAFCS, PO Box 79377, Baltimore, MD  21279-0377.

Click here to access a W-9 for AAFCS.

Complete the order in the online order center.  Choose "Purchase Order" as the payment type and upload a digital file of the PO.  Please allow up to 3 business days for processing of the purchase order and subsequent receipt of instructions to register test candidates.

Online Order Center

Click the link below to access the online order center to purchase Pre-PAC products.  Please have test site information and method of payment ready to complete the purchase.
NOTE:  The link will open in a new window.  

Purchase Pre-PAC products!


Centralized Order and Payment

If another entity will be purchasing assessments for multiple approved test sites (who will be responsible for completing their own assessment registration of test candidates and receiving site-level data reports), a centralized payment is accepted. However, special processing is required to allocate the assessments purchased.

Click here to download and complete the "Multiple Site Purchase" Form

For example, there are three approved test sites (School A, B, and C) whose Test Site Coordinators will individually be responsible for assessment registration and access to data reports. However, the school district will be placing one order and issuing one purchase order to cover the assessments purchased for all three approved test sites. The assessments purchased must then be allocated to the approved test site. If a total of 50 assessments were purchased, then a specific number of assessments could be allocated to each of the three sites (School A receives 20; School B receives 20; and School C receives 10).

If a centralized payment will be used, the "Multiple Site Purchase" Form must be completed and uploaded (when prompted) in the online order center.  

Customer Assistance
Technical Support

If you need assistance or experience technical issues (Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5:30 PM EST), please contact AAFCS.  Due to high call volume during peak testing times, please reach out via email and provide the test site information and a brief description of the issue.

Email:  pre-pac@aafcs.org
Phone:  703-636-7641 (Direct Line)

Cancellation/Refund Policy

There are NO refunds of Pre-PAC exams and testing fees.  Orders are invoiced as submitted. Invoices should be paid within 30 days.  

Purchased exams expire on June 30 of the testing year.  While the existing policy indicates there are no refunds for orders, the testing site may carry over any unused, unassigned exams to the next testing year.

Test Administration Options

Through its online assessment platform and its vendor partners, AAFCS Pre-PAC offers approved test sites the flexibility to deliver Pre-PAC assessments to students on campus (test-site proctor) or anywhere, anytime (remote proctor) while maintaining exam integrity.  Approved Pre-PAC test sites will have three options for administering assessments within the Pre-PAC portfolio to students: 

  • Test-site proctor administration
  • Remote proctor administration (Online-LIVE) - Additional fees apply.
  • Remote proctor administration (Online-RECORDED) - Additional fees apply.

Click the image to download additional information on test administration options.