Registration Template

Assessment Registration - Complete Registration Template


  • Once assessment product(s) have been purchased and the order has finalized, the Test Site Administrator and Test Site Coordinator will receive email confirmation that it is time to register test candidates.  All test candidates must be registered with AAFCS prior to testing.  
  • To Register Test Candidates: Download the Pre-PAC Registration Template (Microsoft Word) and enter the information for test candidates and the approved test site.
  • For details on the data fields required for registration, read the "Quick Guide:  Candidate Registration Template." The template will allow up to 75 test candidates.  A separate template can be used for additional test candidates (above 75).  
  • Once all information has been entered, the Microsoft Word template must be saved using a specified name format including the Test Site Code and Assessment Title (Example:  NA180999CulinaryArts). 
  • PLEASE NOTE:  A separate template must be completed and saved for each assessment title ordered.*

*If a test site has purchased multiple assessment titles, please upload a registration template for each title purchased.  Test sites may upload multiple files.

Quick Guide: Registration Template

Registration Template

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