Registration Submission

Assessment Registration - Submit Candidate Template

Assessment Registration Submission

Click below to upload a completed Assessment Registration Template for EACH assessment title purchased.  Once files are selected and uploaded, click "SUBMIT" to finalize the registration upload process.  Test sites should ensure that the template is saved with a file name reflecting the test site code and the assessment title.  (Example:  SC990001-CulinaryArts). 

NOTE:  It is important that the file name include the test site code and assessment name.  Please DO NOT email the registration template.  

If a test site has purchased multiple assessment titles, please upload a registration template for each title purchased.  Test sites may upload multiple files.

Technical Support

If you need assistance or experience technical issues (Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 5:30 PM EST), please contact AAFCS:

Phone:  703-636-7641 (Direct Line)